Friday, 25 May 2012

Set in the distant future, where the excitement of galactic exploration has all but died out, once famed space adventurer, Ace Discovery, leads his small crew as they attempt to find some part of the universe still worth exploring. 

The invention of emotionally attentive relationship-bots has made men obsolete on Earth, leaving them to form their own male-only space society outside Earth's atmosphere. Ace and his men, as the last remaining exploration crew in the fleet, are forced to do eternal busy work to avoid having their funding cut and their ship, The Blackhole, recycled into hi-tech masturbation devices. While most of Ace's crew are excited to be serving under him and undergoing regular missions, Ace himself wants nothing more than to drift through life in a bitter, drunken haze.

Comedy-wise Ace Discovery is a mixture of low-key conversational humor and wacky balls-out action sequences. Episodes may take the form of mini-adventure stories as Ace, Jack and Rip venture to foreign worlds or just short sketches based around the interactions of Ace and the various members of his crew.


Ace Discovery -- Once the charismatic poster boy for intergalactic exploration, Ace, now in his 50s, is left with little more than a crippling debt and half a dozen space STDs. Ace maintains the title of captain despite not playing any active role in the running of the ship, however when adventure presents itself, he rarely refuses the call.
Drink of Choice: The Ace Discovery (bourbon and gin on ice, garnished with a Hershey's Kiss)

Cracker Jack -- Cabin boy of the Blackhole, Cracker Jack is a die hard Ace Discovery fan living out his pathetic dreams. Jack blindly follows Ace wherever he goes, despite Ace's constant put-downs and attempts to abandon him on alien planets. He suffers from mild space retardation.
Drink of Choice: Virgin Ace Discovery (a Hershey's Kiss on ice)

Rip Torn -- Assigned to Ace's ship as a service droid, Rip provides absolutely no useful service, preferring to break things and abuse the rest of the crew. He was built as an early prototype for modern robots but the logic suppressing circuit designed to make him more human left him severely lacking in empathy, morality and reason. He is programmed to believe he is human, despite having "ROBOT" engraved on his chest. Ace has a fondness for Rip, as he reminds him of shitty robots from his youth. This feeling is not mutual. 
Drink of Choice: Whatever's within his reach


Jet Carlyle -- First mate and acting commander of the Blackhole, Jet is extremely uptight and constantly attempts to whip the crew into shape. He does everything by the books - even the stuff that contradicts the other stuff - and keeps himself in peak physical condition. He is a practicing Christian.
Drink of Choice: Space Espresso 

Feivel "Hi-5" McCoy -- Happy-go-lucky engineer, Hi-5 was conceived, born and educated inside a titanic engine room, deep within an Irish occupied asteroid. As part of the engineering code, Hi-5's hands were replaced with the sophisticated laser mandibles required to man an anti-matter engine. Laid back and affable, Hi-5 gets on with everybody on the ship and is one of the few people who maintains a genuine friendship with Ace.
Drink of Choice: Home-brewed dark matter guinness 

Bosley Manchego -- Pessimistic army doctor, Bosley is fulfilling his military service working as the surgeon on Ace's ship. Suffering from severe travel sickness, Bosley chose the Black Hole after finding out it had the fewest flightyears (lightyears per year spent flying) but didn't count on it constantly crash landing.
Drink of Choice: Gin and space tonic

Harley Shakes -- Robotic barmaid of the Blackhole, Harley is the last of a discontinued line of non-sex-based female robots. She is extremely insecure but is programmed to see the good in everybody else. As the sole provider of booze, everybody on the ship likes Harley.
Drink of Choice: Pina Colada